flÄk gallery 390 9th ave nORTH 

jacksonville beach, florida 


f l ä k ​ gallery


Art Classes Custom Art Work in Jacksonville Beach


pronounced flock: fläk, congregate or mass in a flock or large group. we offer art classes custom art work in Jacksonville Beach

Literary Creative writing classes taught by published writers and professors. We feature an inter-generational roster of Jacksonville-based poets who respond to city culture, national issues, as well as an open mic portion where the public may sign up to share their words. 

Be Inspired. Be Heard.

Our instructors experience spans all industries, from blogging to service industries, marketing and more. They will have you tech savvy in no time.

(Pintrist inspired) fun workshops with current and trending projects for home & fun!
Upcycling, is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.

These workshops are amazing! here is a sample picture of some upscycling projects.

Cork and Create©  These classes are sure to inspire, bring your favorite bottle of wine and lets Cork n Create©  with our local artist teaching the canvas art class at hand. You will love our unique art selection, it makes the nicest decor for any room!

be inspired ! 

kids love it!! fun, fun, fun we make creations and experiments for young minds to explore there inner artist. These wonderful projects will inspire and educate your child.

a creative escape for all minds